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Australia is blessed with some of the most unique and inspiring angling that the world and fishing has to offer. Oceans that capture our souls and pristine inland waterways that nourish our desire to escape the stresses of urban existence, sit side by side with our expanse collection of reefs, beaches, estuaries, lakes and rivers, to endower anglers with a diverse collective of angling opportunities and species that are truly unique.

As an angler nothing inspires as us deeply or generates as much excitement as seeking out a new destination.

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EP1 Snowy Mountains Trout

One of the finest trout fishing destinations in Australia is the Snowy Mountains in the state of New South Wales.

EP2 Sydney Harbour Bream

This outstanding body of water with an amazing city backdrop is one of the most uniquely beautiful places you could ever fish.

EP3 Sydney Rock Fishing

Episode 3 is out now. Hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of Australia’s largest and most densely populated city lays the finest rock fishing in the country.

EP4 Southern Flats Fishing

Episode 4 is out now, Daiwa pro angler Andrew Badullovich explores the sand flats of southern NSW.

EP5 Aussie Natives

Daiwa pro Angler Mark Ainsworth targets Aussie natives on his beloved Lake Eildon, a spectacular part of the country not that far from Melbourne.

EP6 Bream in the racks

Meet Kris Hickson, Daiwa Pro and Tournament angler and learn about his favorite environments to target bream. Kris is a very determined angler with a freakish ability to consistently land quality fish.

EP7 Bream on the Flats

Mallacoota in Micah’s opinion is the best estuary system on the east coast. This is a must see of anglers wanting to chase the monster black bream.

EP8 Estuary Palagics

Pittwater is a pristine system and home to fishing guide and Daiwa Pro, Justin Duggan. You know that spending that much time on the water fishing would dampen his passion for the sport, when in actual fact, its fueled the fire to learn more.

EP9 Bass - Bjelke Petersen Dam

South East Queensland boasts a plethora of impoundments teaming with Australia Bass. This is a region of Australia that is at the forefront of the development of recreational bass fisheries and one such angler that has been part of its development from its inception is Simon Goldsmith.

EP10 The Next Level - The Making of

The Next level was created to help recreational fisherman bring their fishing endeavors beyond where they are right now. We meet with some of the best Daiwa Pro’s in our country along our journey and visit some very very beautiful locations.


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Behind the Scenes

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